Rabu, 20 April 2011

Dato Sri Guruji

Hi kawan2 saya nak share hari ni pasal “YOGA” yesterday is my 1st day for yoga class.... this yoga is fully meditation. Below is pictures of Dato Sri Guruji

The founder of RPT, Dato’ Seri Dr.V.T Balakrishnan, also known as Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru, is the Chairman of RPT Meditation Society Malaysia and Managing Director of RPT Meditation Sdn Bhd (Private Limited). Dato’ Seri Dr.V.T Balakrishnan is the one and only Living Master, the World Leading Siddha, who has attained ashtama siddhis (8 major powers) after 27 years of research on yogic power and pranic energy. Dato’ Seri Dr.V.T Balakrishnan is often referred as His Divine Grace by the disciples. His Divine Grace has been awarded the title 'Dato ‘Seri' by the Malaysian Government for outstanding services rendered to the public and spiritual achievements attained in His Divine Grace's life. These achievements have been a great motivation for all disciples as the founder is the ultimate role model for living a life of achievement and happiness through full utilization of Yogic Power and Pranic Energy.
Below is some benefit that we can get from “YOGA”

General well being
Complete self healing
Ability to heal others
Youthful appearance

Self Development
Increased mental alertness
Increased creativity
Increased self confidence
Strong intuition

Family unity
Better communication with spouse children

Increased career development
More career opportunities and advancement
Batter inter-personal communication

Increased earning capacity
Financial freedom

Self realization and a sense of purpose in life by doing meditation

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