Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

Happy Birthday Darshen...

Salam 1 Malaysia,

hi dear friends how's yr day today? Hope everything going fine…today I want shares my happy story with u all… yesterday I and my “bf” went to our best friend wedding at Kuala Selangor. This is first time I and my "bf" went for wedding function together. I’m so happy and I cant forget that day “07-03-2011”. this day is my sweet memory. Yesterday she married today his birthday…she so lucky can celebrate his birthday with husband and new family...
Tomorrow is my son "Darshen" birthday (3yrs).... 1st GA is for my son....
"Happy birthday sayang"

Below is small gift from "MOM" 

3 ulasan:

  1. hohohoh.. nice la..
    kawen n pastu bzday..
    dapt smbut tiap2 thn..

    hppy bzday to ur son too..
    semoge cerah mase depan..
    all the best..

  2. Epi besday darshen...

    P/S : Aku tag ko..Jom !


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